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Repair tips for televisions VCR and other electronics repairs, tv email repair list

To advertise with us for free, all you need to do is place a small html code with the little image to your right on your site somewhere. It is kind of like Banner exchange only our image is very, very small and non intrusive. The more the image is clicked by your visitors, the higher your banner will be displayed on our page. We put a border around the image just to show you how small it is. You can use your own image if you like, just keep the link correct. There is also a image with a white background below that you can use.

When this image is clicked on the person will be directed to the page with the Tech Site banners on it.

To get started, you need a banner of any size. You also need to be sure of the url of the banner and get it correct so it will show up properly on the page. Plus the ability to add the html code to your site. Whether your site is parts supplies, repair shop, or a personal website with tech information on it, makes no difference. All Tech related sites are welcome. Below is a snapshot of the simple form that you need to fill out to get started. Just click on it to go to the actual form.

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