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Repair tips for televisions VCR and other electronics repairs, tv email repair list

Web www.tech-assist.org
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By Real Technicians - For Real Technicians!
Dear Electronic Service Center,
TechAssist is a group of independent electronic service centers joined together by email and the internet. Our group, which includes some of the TOP technicians in North America, is using the internet to help each other by sharing tech tips and information (such as ic data sheets, schematics, etc.). We also have an email list where you can send in repair problems and solutions.
The internet is the only way for independent electronic service centers to band together. The more members that join together, the more knowledge and power we as a group gain. Why are there only minimal fees for this service? Only for operating expenses and overhead. We make our money by sharing our collective knowledge. We believe in QUALITY of membership and do not sign up members with the only requirement being a valid credit card. Many of us have repair tip databases. Some of us have probably repaired what you're working on right now. And maybe you have just fixed something that one of us is struggling to figure out right now. Would you help if you could? You can by joining TechAssist!
The repair industry has changed drastically over the last 5 years. By this we mean the price of consumer electronics is as low as it has ever been. Other websites offering tips will lie to you and say the repair industry is at its all time high, so that you will pay a high membership fee for their services. Can you afford to buy a $20.00 schematic for a 13 inch tv? After parts and overhead, you may make $5.00 if the customer will go for $49.95! You may not have to buy that schematic. Maybe the answer is only one email away!! We want you to join us. Then, and only then, can we fight back against the electronics manufacturers who would most likely like to see us disappear altogether.
Joining is a very easy process and you can start enjoying the benefits of membership today. Hopefully, we will be hearing from you soon!!
TechAssist Staff

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